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Treat Underbite With The Best Underbite Treatments

Generally, the upper teeth protrude the lower teeth. An Underbite is a condition in which the lower teeth and jaw come farthest from the upper teeth. This condition is otherwise termed as Prognathism or Class III Malocclusion. It gives a hard appearance and makes the children suffer a lot.

There are different Underbite correction treatments for children. They are mainly based on the severity of the Underbite. Finding out and early treatment for Underbite will help the procedure to be simple and less expensive.

One of the most common methods to treat Underbite is using Braces. Though the braces are made up of many components but involve bonded brackets directly to the front area of the tooth. Brackets contain wires that help to move teeth in the correct position.

Separators or spacers are also used in braces that create space between teeth. The rubber ties hold the wire to the brackets. The rubber bands that attach to the upper and lower teeth brackets apply pressure and develop a perfect bite.

Upper jaw expander: Some children require a simple appliance. An upper jaw expander is a kind of wire-frame that is placed across the palate of the child. Every night, the attendant has to widen the appliance to a meager amount using a special key. This process makes the upper jaw to widen until the condition Underbite stops. Children wear it at least a year followed by a retainer which helps hold the teeth in its place.

“Reverse-Pull” face mask: It is another appliance and a bit complicated. As it wraps around the head, this appliance resembles a headgear. In this appliance, the metal bands fasten to the back of the upper teeth and then pull the upper jaw back into its correct position.

Surgery: In severe Underbite conditions, the surgery requires. It would be considered only as a last chance.

underbite correction

Most of the Underbite conditions are easily treatable. Early detection, early treatment will avoid complications.

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